Stand... Walk... Run... because we provide you gel products.get protectors Extremely Soft, Lighter than Water, 3 Dimensional compressibility like flash, Durable, Economical, Washable, Excellent energy & shock absorption
Welcome To Gel Smith is India’s leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical grade Gel based rehabilitation products
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Product Range
 Foot Care Range
  Plain Insole
  Heel Cup
  Heel Pad
  Heel Pad with Donut
  Ladies Heel Cushion
  Metatarsal Cushion
  Arch Support
  Toe Spreader
  Toe Separator
 Operation Theater    Positioning Devices
  Round Gel Head Rest
  Gel Arm Rest
  Multi Utility Gel Bolster
 Gel Protectors (ICU Bed    Sore Prevention Range)
  Head Protector
  Sacral Protector
  Hip Protector
  Hip & Sacral Protector
  Heel Protector
 Heath Care Range
  Gel Ball Soft
  Gel Ball Hard
 Gel Cushioning Range
  Gel Corrugated Sheet
  Gel Flat Sheet
  Pressure Relief Padding
  Coccyx Seat Cushion
  Gel Plain Seat Cushion
  Gel Mattress
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Stand... Walk... Run... because we provide you PROGEL
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