Stand... Walk... Run... because we provide yougel products.get protectorsExtremely Soft, Lighter than Water, 3 Dimensional Compressibility like Flesh, Durable, Economical, Washable, Excellent Energy & Shock Absorption
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gel based products,Stand... Walk... Run... because we provide you PROGEL
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Company Profile

Who we are

  Gel Smith is India’s leading manufacturer, developer and distributor of medical grade Gel based rehabilitation products, with branches all over India, was incorporated during the year 2006. A dedicated Foot Care and Health Care Product Division was thought of the year and within a short span of time we have formed a dedicated team to serve the Humanity.
What we do
We, at Gel Smith take great pleasure in introducing a unique, only one of its kind, “Progel” (Hydrocarbon based co-polymer compound). Our gel based products are designed to provide gel cushioning comfort for various applications. These products are cost effective, durable and are better than all available cushioning products. This material has exceptional gentle feeling on touch, which almost resembles the human body flesh. The rebounding effect of this material is more spontaneous than all the other contemporary available material like PU, Rubber or Sponge. Progel can provide you comforts, which none other can. Its various range of unique products will help you in tackling problems, which were till now considered unsurmountable.
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Why ?
 Progel is extremely soft, lighter than water, 3 dimensional compressible like flesh, excellent resiliency property, durable, hypo allergic, excellent life span.
Progel is able to spring back into shape after Bending, Stretching, or being Compressed.
Progel eliminate “Hot Spots” (pressure points) which can cause discomfort.
Progel will not freeze, melt, harden on normal temperature.
Progel is in & out itself a gel (Not Encapsulated in film).
Progel can be easily washed with mild soap and water.
Thousands of full crushing cycles were unable to permanently deform our Progel.
Progel is highly recommended by leading practitioners.
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Our Mission
Founded in 2006 under the motto of “Distributing Quality Medical Rehabilitation Products at Affordable Cost”. Our mission is to improve the quality of life, through advanced medical technology. Commitments to Quality and Reliability. To provide technologically superior rehabilitation products with technical and clinical support to maximize benefits to the practitioners and their patients around the globe. Progel brand products have earned a reputation for quality and long life.
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Our Philosophy
  The company is dedicated to provide Gel based rehabilitation / life care products and services of high quality and precision at reasonable cost for abiding customer satisfaction.
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Our Aim
 To provide comfort aids for restoration of the fullest functional activity, freely and painlessly.
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Our Methodology
Constant endeavour towards :
Designing and developing new products,
Improving and standardizing current processes,
Improving existing products, standardizing materials used,
Defining safety instructions for proper handling of materials and
Compiling, reviewing and updating all technical literature for all products.
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Customer Focus
Our customers are our most valuable source of information about the “real world” of medical practice. Members of our
R & D, marketing and support teams meet with customers on a regular basis to discuss product improvements, new product ideas, and emerging clinical trends. Our clinical application specialists visit hospitals daily, learn from our customers, what is most important to them? It is through these close working relationships, that ideas emerge, which can shape future developments and improve current practices throughout the year. Gel Smith has built its reputation by focusing on the customer—meeting the customer’s expectations—which is a key priority.
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Quality Policy
In-house facility for quality control at physical and mechanical level tests for product consistency measuring desired durability, strength and sure hardness for different product applications is done by trained P & O engineers and Bio-chemists. The product is certified for its requisite performance. Total quality testing meets world class standards.
It is the policy of Gel Smith to provide quality products and services that consistently meet the needs and expectations of our customers and the regulatory requirements of our industry. Our objective is to be the quality leader in our markets as viewed by our customers. At Gel Smith quality is a top priority for every department. We implement our quality policy uniformly, throughout the company, through the development, execution, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality functional guidelines and operating procedures, which have been prepared for every major functional organization within the company. To keep with its objective of being the quality leader in its marketplace, Gel Smith is working to receive certification that its products are in compliance with the international standards.
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Gel Mattress
     AN ISO 9001 : 2015 COMPANY

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